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A number of pages on the DMPS website give information about historical and technical aspects in general. Links to these pages are given below.


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Diversity and Safety of Domestic Plugs and Sockets   [click to see the page]
An illustrated history of plug and socket evolution.

Socket Safety Shutters  (click)
Three methods to cover socket contacts explained.

Appliance Connectors; historic notes about precursors of IEC 60320.   [click]

Certification marks found on plugs and sockets.  [click]

Compatibility table.   [click]
6 sockets used throughout Europe compared with 20 types of domestic plugs.
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Three-phase AC generator, with animation that explains basic principle.   [click]

Three-phase transformers; source of 120, 208, 230, 277, 400 and 480 Volt.   [click]

Split-phase wiring; commonly applied in US homes.   [click]

Radial and Ring circuits; different domestic wiring techniques.   [click]
Hubbell logo
Schuko mark

MPAD and DMAW marks

Origin of US flat blade plugs
, with emphasis on Hubbell's patents.   [click]

Origin of Schuko plugs
.   [click]
A detailed, illustrated reconstruction of the developent of a widely used earthed plug.

MPAD and DAMW marks found on German plugs and sockets.   [click]

Manufacturers of plugs and sockets, represented in the museum collection, 
including logos and information about the history of classic and still existing companies.
Flag of Germany
Flag of UK United Kingdom
Flag of USA
United States
Manufacturers in countries
that use the CEE 7/3-4
(Schuko) standard.
Flag of Austria
Flag of the Netherlands
Flag of Norway
Flag of Portugal
Flag of Sweden

Manufacturers in countries
that use the CEE 7/5-6 standard.
flag of Belgium
Flag of Czech Republic
Czech Repub.
Flag of France
Flag of Morocco
Flag of Poland

Manufacturers in European countries that use various types of earth connections.
flag of Denmark

flag of Italy
flag of Liechtentrein
flag of Spain
flag of Switzerland

More countries will follow, as
Argentina Brazil Chile Australia New Zealand
South Africa

Another type of wiring ...

Wiring in Cluj-Napoca

not in the collection, but seen in Cluj-Napoca, Romania (2009)


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