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Neutrik* PowerCON connectors replaces appliance couplers wherever a very rugged solution in combination with a locking device is needed in order to guarantee a safe power connection.
The 20A - 250V model shown below is most commonly used, but 32A and 16A models exist also.

* Neutrik A.G. in Schaan, Liechtenstein has been founded in 1975 by Bernhard Weingartner.
Besides PowerCON models, Neutrik makes also connectors for audio, video and data applications.


Neutrik NAC3FCA connector plug
Neutrik NAC3FCA connector plug, components

Neutrik NAC3FCA connector plug, front view
Neutrik NAC3MPA-1 chassis connector
Neutrik NAC3MPA-1  and NAC3FCA

NAC3FCA lockable cable connector, assembled (1) and the four separate connector components (2).
Image no. 3 show a front view of the connector. Rating: 20A - 250V.
NAC3MPA chassis inlet. To plug in the connector, the wider notch (see image no. 3; blue arrow) has to be positioned in the top notch.
5 To make contact, the connector has to be fully plugged into the inlet and then rotated 30 degrees clockwise. The tip of the yellow clip springs automatically in large notch of the inlet and locks the connector fully. To remove the connector, the yellow clip has to be moved backwards manually whereafter the connector can be rotated counterclockwise and pulled out.

Neutrik NAC3FCB connector plug
Neutrik NAC3MCB chassis connector

6 NAC3FCB lockable, power-out cable connector. Rating 20A - 250V.
7 NAC3MPB chassis outlet. Blue (1-5) and grey (6, 7-left) connectors / chassis parts are nearly identical. However, there is one crucial difference: the position of notches and grooves. Compare outlet and inlet in image no. 7. The different position makes it impossible to mix blue (power-in) and grey (power-out) components.


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