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Tripoliki plug
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For decades Greece had an unique type of earthed plug and socket, named Tripoliki (Τριπολικές) which means three-pole. In 1989 Greece authorities have decided to switch to the CEE 7/3-7/4 (Schuko) standard for earthed plugs and sockets. Tripoliki sockets can still be found in some older houses in Greece.
Note that Italian 10A plugs, another type with three pins, can also be found in parts of Greece.


Greek Tripoliki plug
Greek tripoliki connector plug
Greek tripoliki multi-plug

Greek tripoliki adapter
Greek tripoliki adapter with Schuko outlet
Greek Schuko adapter with tripoliki outlet

1 Tripoliki plug, rated at 6A - 250V. The Tripoliki plug is nearly identical to a classic French type of earthed 6A plug. An old French plug is shown in image no. 10. It could be that Greece has adopted the model designed by the French company Legrand, but any confirmation has not been found.   {KVW}
2 Tripoliki connector plug. Rating is not indicated.
3 Multi-plug for three Tripoliki plug. The multi-plug has additional holes halfway between the power pins. Therefore, Italian 10A 3-pin plugs (see no. 6) can be inserted also, but the additional holes have no earth contact.   {SZ}
4, 5
Two adapter plugs, rated at 10-16A - 250V. No. 4: Tripoliki plug (a) and Schuko outlet (b).
Image no. 5: Schuko plug and outlet for both Tripoliki and Italian 10A plugs.   {SZ}

Request for help ! A Tripoliki socket is still missing in the museum collection. Also any information about the history of Tripoliki plugs is highly appreciated (origin of design, year of introduction etc.).
If you can help me, please contact me; see  Home page  for the address.

Italian type 10A plug
Greece connector  for Italian type 10A plugs
Greek adapter with Italian 10A type plug
Italian typ 10A socket mounted on wall in Greek house

6 - 9
Images 6 - 9 show Italian (CEI 23-50 standard) material that has been found in the coastal port city Volos.
No. 6: 10A plug; no. 7: 10A connector plug; no. 8: adapter plug with Italian type plug and Schuko outlet.   {SZ}
No. 10: 1960s Bticino 10A socket and (separate) switch. Photo has been taken by Yvonne Goester
in a home in Volos.

Marks on Greek plugs

Comparison of tripoliki, Israeli and old French 3-pin plug

Logos of manufacturers, found on Greek plugs. Company names are yet unknown. If you recognize a logo, please send me a mail; find my address at the Home page.
Logo with Greek characters tau and phi, found on plugs 1, 2 and 7. Besides the ΤΦ logo, plug 1 has also the abbreviation E.Y.B.
Logo with two characters rho, found on adapters 4 and 5.
Logo on Italian type 10A plug no. 6. It is unclear whether the plug has been made by a Greek company. CE is an European Conformity mark, related to a company own certification system (see certification page for details)
None of the plugs shown on this page has a Greek or any other certification mark.

10 Besides the Tripoliki plug there are at least two similar 3-pin plugs.
One of them is an obsolete 6A plug that was used in France prior to introduction of CEE 7/5-6 (when the earth pin moved to sockets)
The other is the round pin SI 32 plug, introduced in 1989 in Israel*
. The table below summarizes relevant data of the three plugs.
* Israeli round pin plug is the successor of a plug with flat pins. Pin positions have not been changed


Comparison of Tripoliki, obsolete French 6A 3-pin and Israeli round pin plugs (shown in image no. 10)
Tripoliki plug
obsolete 3-pin plug
SI 32 plug
 Indicated rate of plug (250 Volt)
6 Amp
6 Amp
16 Amp
 Distance between line and neutral pin (center to center)
19 mm
19 mm
19 mm
 Diameter of pins
4.0 mm
4.0 mm
4.0 mm
 Length of pins (and earth pin, if different from L and N)
19.4 mm
16.3 (19.2) mm
18.6 mm
 Offset of earth pin
10.2 mm
9.7 mm
9.6 mm

Each of the three plugs fit in the other sockets, occasionally with some difficulty,
depending on tolerance in spacing of outlet contacts. Critical factor is the difference in earth pin offset.

British 5A BS 546 and Danish DS 107-2-D1 plugs may look comparable to the three types mentioned above, but they are not compatible with any of them.


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