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March 2019

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Britmac non-standard, flat blade 13A socket and plug (nos. 27, 28)  view
Rare example of 1930s, locking 3-phase plug made by Kontakt AG  view
Early 1930s socket and locking plug made by Maehler & Kaege  view
Overview of all locking plugs in museum collection view
1950s Solid rubber plug made ERSO and Merten (no 37)  view
Beech wooden plug made in 1943 (nos. 40, 41)  view
Academy (USA) plugs that can be wired without using any tools  view
IEC 60309 16A 3-pin and 5-pin wall inlets (nos. 3 and 6)  view
Update of acknowledgments  view

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