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The collection of the Museum of Plugs and Sockets has been enriched with several highly appreciated gifts.
Names are indicated in captions of donated objects by abbreviations given in the third column.
The museum is in particular grateful to:


Ernst Alder, Horw, CH Obsolete Swiss Type 14 socket and Type 2 plug {EA}
Pablo Andreu, Valencia, ES Obsolete Spanish appliance cords with uncommon earth clip plug
Roland Angenent, Arnhem, NL Eagle non grounding plugs, designed by Academy Electric Products
Frans Bertens, Culemborg, NL Obsolete French sockets {FB}
Pieter-Tjerk de Boer, Twente, NL Lookalike Europlug
Patrick Bolder, Culemborg, NL Round pin model Israeli SI 32 socket and plug {PB}
Mauro Caravita, Alfonsine, IT Italian plugs
Kevin Cheng, Sankt Pölten, AT Appliance connectors (IEC 60309 and others); Danish triple outlet
John Chittock, GB Dorman & Smith plugs and sockets {JC}
Peter Coates, Cape Town, ZA
Collection of modern and classic South African plugs and sockets
'Improved electric connector or adapter'
Samuele Collodi, Gorizia, IT Italian plugs and sockets {SC}
Denis Coombes, Neulliac, FR
BS 1363 plugs with Post Office and British Telecom logos
Dave Cross, Bangkok, TH TIS 166-2549 plug
Schuko replacement adapter
Multi-standard socket
Raphaela Dasser, Herrliberg, CH Swiss duplex socket with T14 and T20 outlets and Swiss T12a plug
Tomáš Drahoňovský, ABB Elektro Praga, CZ
Czech plugs and sockets
Electro Service Utrecht, NL  Hateha HST 165 16A 3-phase socket and plug
Filippo Favretto, Castelfranco Veneto, IT  Classic Italian three-phase plugs and sockets {FF}
David Fisher, Isle of Wight, GB
Sam Fisher
Dorman & Smith plug
BS 372 and 546 plugs and adapter
BS 1363 sockets, classic models
BS 1363 plug used by British Telecom
BC lighting socket
BS 1778:1951 die-cast trailing socket
Bulgin and Belling Lee connectors
Britmac socket
Clang 5A three-phase socket (Walsall A-gauge)
Legrand P17 (IEC 60309) 120-240V 32A 9h socket
Lewden BS 546 15A socket and plug for outdoor use
Cannon and Neutrik XLR connectors
Gareth Foster, London, GB BS 1363 socket with additional 2A BS 546 outlets
Electrak clean earth plug
Yvonne Goester, Utrecht, NL Porcelain and Bakelite switch and sockets
Travel iron with multi-voltage plug
Chilean plugs and sockets
Matúš Goĺa, Praha, CZ
Czech 6A and 2.5A appliance couplers
Eric Goodwin, Nelson, NZ Sperryn, not earthed, flat pin 10A socket and plug
John Goodwin, Brentwood, GB Fitall 5 in 1 plug
Ian Green, Edinburgh, GB BS 372 Part I and BS 1363 plugs
Leandro Guimarăes Faria Corcete Dutra, BR Brazilian IEC 60906-1 plugs and sockets {LG}
Ward Haalebos, NL IEC 60309 plugs and sockets
Reiner Hahn, Mainz, DE
Collection of 1920s-'30s German plugs and appliance connectors
HATEHA B.V., Hazerswoude-Rijndijk, NL
IEC 62196 Type 2 charging cable for electic vehicles
Matthew Hawkins, GB BS 1363 plug with Broad Arrow mark
Rotasoc modular desk power system
Auke Heeringa, Culemborg, NL NEMA hospital-grade power cord and inlet
Green hospital specific Schuko socket
David Henebry, Springfield, IL, US US plugs andtamper resistant NEMA 5-15 sockets
Glenn Hilling, Watsonia, AU Ring Grip Champagne Series switch - socket unit
Maethasit Hongmanee, Bang Kruai (Bangkok), TH
Thai plugs and socket
Thomas Hood, Montreal, CA
Classic UC/Canadian sockets for not earthers straight blade plugs
BS 4573 shaver adapter.
Brett Johnson, Crabtree, Wadeville, ZA SANS 164-4 dedicated plugs and sockets, blue and black variant
SANS 164-2-1 dedicated plugs and sockets (red, blue, black)
Marcel Koken, Bretagne, FR
French 20A-400V 4-pin plug
Kopp-Benelux, Wijchen, NL DUOversal 3=6 outlet {KB}
Michail Kritsotakis, Thessaly, GR
Old Greek domestic, earthed sockets
Salvatore Lamberti, Gallarate, IT Classic Italian CEI 23-50 10A socket
CEI 23-50 16A non-earthed socket; 4Box P503 socket
Yves Le Blevec, Morbihan, FR MAFELEC socket {YB}
Wojciech Maciak, Warsaw, PL Polish non-standard CEE 7/5-6 plugs and sockets
Polish CEE 7/5 -6 plugs and sockets
Polish classic heavy duty and 3-phase material
Former DDR plugs
Triple Europlug socket and Europlug
Special type Quick Connectors
Russian 2-pole socket and cable extension reel
Peter W. Martin, Zwickau, DE Large collection of DDR made plugs, sockets, adapters,fuses and extension cord with rotating Schuko outlet.
Roger Martins, Palmerston North, NZ Several old types of appliance couplers
BS 372 Part I, 5A plug
Per Mejdal Rasmussen, Aalborg, DK Collection of Danish plugs, sockets and power cords {PMR}
Jonathan Miles, Woking, GB BS 546 G.E.C. plug
BS 546 2A 3-way multi-plug
B22d bayonet plug
BS 1363 RCD socket
BS 1363 plug with fuse rating
Bryce Nesbitt, Berkeley, CA, US Classic US parallel and tandem receptacle
Classic US 120V- 240V duplex receptacle
Matthias Nietzsch, Leipzig. DE
DDR-made sockets and plug
Wieger Nieuwenhout, NL
Large collection of 1950s-'80s plugs and sockets, mainly European
Lucien Nunes, London, GB Wylex plugs and socket
Michael Otto, Munich, DE
Russian appliance connector
Peter Oud, Bosch en Duin, NL Flat blade connector from Peru
Plug comparable to Europlug from Peru
Flat blade / Europug multi-standard socket from Peru
BS 546 16A plug from Tanzania
BS 1363 plug with ISOD
Russian 220V plugs and sockets and 42 Volt T-slot plug
Greek adapter plug
Holzer Schuko switch plug
Ward Oud, Eindhoven, NL Japanese domestic plugs and sockets
Japanese heavy duty plugs and sockets
Welmoed Oud, Gallarate, IT Italian 2-pin plug
VIMAR Universale socket
Btichino Magic plug and socket
VIMAR 20A plug and socket 
VIMAR non-standard CEE 7/5 socket
4BOX socket for Italian 10A, 16A plugs and Schuko plugs
Rodney Paul, Alexandria, MN, US Classic U.S. 4-plug and 5-plug sockets {RP}
David Peacock, Edinburgh, GB BS 372 Part I plugs and adapter
Margie  Pearce, Colchester, GB SANS 164-1 triple multi-plug (16A)
Geoff Pope, Blackpool, GB 1970s MK BS 1363 plugs and 1950s Clix 15A BS 372 Part 1 plug
Alessandro Radice Fossati, Concorezzo, IT Range of plugs made by Electraline 3PMark SpA
Albert Richheimer, Brienz, CH Swiss Type 9 and classic 2-phase sockets and plug
Chris Rickards, New Plymouth, NZ Historic Australasian plugs and sockets
T-slot US plugs and sockets
Geoff Rickards, Wellington, NZ Historic Australasian plugs and sockets {GR}
Cédric Rito, La Motte d'Aveillans, FR Classic French plugs and sockets {CR}
Simon Rogers, Aldershot, GB
Britmac non-standard 13A-250V plug and socket
Juan Romera Castillo, Villanueva del Arzobispo, ES Collection of Spanish domestic and heavy duty plugs and sockets {JRC}
Al Rowland, Palmerston North, NZ Series of Clipsal clock point plugs and sockets {AR}
Adam Scadding, Stowmarket, GB Britmac dual fused non-standard BS 1363 plug {ASc}
Peter Schalk, Diemen, NL Uruguayan plugs, sockets and adapter plugs {PS}
Samuel Schuman z"l, Maspeth, NY, US
US Edison screw lamp fittings and adapters for flat blade outlets
Alexandra van Schijndel, Amsterdan, NL Argentinian multi-standard socket
Qualy key ring and holder
Japanese not earthed 20A-125V plug
Frédérique van Schijndel, Rotterdam, NL Swiss T12 multi-plug / T14 adapter
Obsolete appliance coupler (110-150-220V)

Chilean plugs and sockets
Jimmy Schmincke, Bergen, NO
ELKO 25A-380V flat blade stove plug
Harry Sinclair, GB Volex Electric Razor Adator Kit
Mark Snowdon, Burton Leonard, GB BS 372 Part I, 5A Clix plug
Domen Soklič, Ljubljana, SI
Dual flush Schuko socket made by TEM
Firma Spezialelectric, Ludwigsburg, DE Collections of plugs and sockets from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Japan, and Uruguay
South African SANS 164-1,-3 plugs
Spanish 25A plugs and sockets and classic 3-phase material
Swiss Type 1 and Type 10 plugs
Bakelite ABL plugs (2-pole and Schuko non-standard)
Leviton (US)  Wetguard plugs and US
Socket and adapter used by US army in Germany
BS 1363 plug and connector with rubber housing
Markus Stöllnberger, Wien, AT Various Italian and British plugs and sockets
Piet De Vaere, Remigen, CH
Swiss T1, T4, T8, T13, T14, T20 sockets, and J25-4 connector
Alastair Swaffer, Reading, GB BS 546 2A socket;  BS 372 Part I, 5A 2-pin devices
BS 5733 clock plug and oultlet
Wylex 5A plug
Walsall plug
Matteo Tinagli, Bticino SpA, Varese, IT Bticino Magic 10A, 3-phase plug and socket {MT}
Peter B. Taylor, Box Hill North, AU
Various Australian plugs and sockets and a Piggyback extension lead
Kees Vermeulen Windsant, GR Greek Tripoliki plug {KVW}
Peter Weber, Max Mauri, Bischofszell, CH. Swiss T11 extension cord and T11 Schalenstecker
Rob Weber, Badhoevedorp, NL NEMA ML-2P plug  and Hubbell Variload 30A-600V Twist-Lock plug
Adapter plug NEMA 5-15P to CEE 7/7
Juerd Waalboer, Leidschendam, NL Hazemeyer Hengelo 16A-380V plug {JW}
Eelke van der Weij, CH Swiss T34 wall socket
George and Rose Weston, Little Easton, GB
Wylex clock connector {GRW}
Christian Widerin, AT Stotz-Kontakt 25A plug and Austrian 2A tap-on plug
Henro de Witt, Culemborg, NL Chinese multi-standard adapter plug {HW}
Claus Wittmann, PC Electric GmbH, AT
Several CEE 7/4 and CEE 17 16A, 63A and 125A plugs
Ευστάθιος Ζαφραντζάς, Volos, GR Tripoliki plugs and adapters {SZ}
Arieh Zaritsky, IL Israeli flat blade plugs and sockets {AZ}
Countries are indicated by their ISO 3166 alpha-2 code.
Donor name code as used in caption of a donated object



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