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Chile is one of the few South American countries that has adopted only one plug/socket standard for domestic use: the Italian CEI 23-50 standard. All neighbouring countries use a variety of different standards (North American flat blade, Australasian and unearthed round pin). The only other country in South America that allows Italian plugs is Uruguay.


BTicino 10A socket
BTicino 10A+16A socket
BTicino 10A polarized socket
Schneider Electric 10A 2P+E plug Rema 10A 2P plug
Gewiss 16A  2P+E plug
BTicino 10A polarized plug

CEI 23-50 standard socket rated at 10A - 250V. Manufacturer: BTicino.   {FS}
2 Italian type socket  that accepts both 10A and 16A earthed plugs (see nos. 4 and 6). Manufacturer: BTicino.   {FS}
3 Special type BTicino Magic series socket for polarized 10A plugs (see no. 7).
It is remarkable that these polarized (!) sockets and plugs lack an indication of line and neutral pole. In Italy the top pole is neutral and the bottom pole is line.
Manufacturer: BTicino.   {FS}
4, 5
CEI 23-50 standard 10A plug. No. 4 shows the earthed version (2P+Terra = earth), while no. 5 is the non-earthed version.
Pin diameter = 4.0 mm, L and N pin spacing = 19 mm. Manufacturers: Schneider Electrics (no. 4) and Rema (no. 5).
Rema stands for the Chilean company 'Industria Nacional de Artículos Eléctricos Rema S.A.C.I.', founded in 1940 by José Ritter Beer and in 1991 renamed to 'Rema Comercial e Industrial Ldta'.
6 CEI 23-50 standard 16A plug. Pin diameter = 5.0 mm, L and N pin spacing = 26 mm. Manufacturer: Gewiss.   {FS}
7 Polarized 10A plug. They are mainly used for applications in geology and industry. Also a comparable 16A variant (see special Italian plugs) is on sale in Chile. 16A plugs do not fit in 10A sockets. Manufacturer: BTicino.   {FS}


A Chilean SEC certification mark (see below) is printed on most of the packages, but not on any of the plugs and sockets.
Socket no. 2 and plug no. 6 have an Italian certification mark; they are made in Italy by respectively BTicino and Gewiss.

Each of the plugs and sockets shown are bought in Antofagasta, Chile.


Chile company logos
Four brands are represented in the collection of Chilean domestic plugs and sockets.

BTicino Chile Ltda, originally an Italian company, now part of the Legrand Group.

Schneider Electric Chile.

Gewiss Chile Ltda, part of the Italian company Gewiss S.p.A.

Rema Comercial e Industrial Ldta.

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A SEC certification mark is granted by the Superintendencia de Electridad y Combustibles (Chilean Superintendence
of Electricity and Fuels) when products comply with Chilean safety regulations.


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