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Heavy duty plugs and sockets
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In hardware stores in France you can find three types of heavy duty plugs and sockets rated at 400V, the common voltage for three-phase devices (see nos. 3, 6 and 7). Also two single phase devices will withstand this voltage, but they can also be used in a standard domestic 230V network (see also the adapter plug no. 2). Manufacturer of each of the items shown below: Legrand, Limoges.


French 20A single phase socket French 20A single phase adapter plug French 20A 3-phase socket French 32A sigle phase socket

French 20A single phase plug
French 20A, 4-pin 3-phase plug
French 20A 3-phase plug French 32A sigle phase plug

1, 5 Socket and plug rated at 20A, 250-400V (single phase).
2 Adapter plug which makes a 20A socket (no. 1) accessible for CEE 7/6 16A plugs, the French standard domestic type of plug.
3, 7
Socket and plug rated at 20A, 400V, three-phase. Single phase 20A plugs (no.5) do not fit in three-phase 20A sockets.
6 20A, 400V three-phase, 4-pin plug. Omission of neutral contact is no problem when a balanced load (L1, L2 and L3) is assured.
The plug does not fit in socket no. 3, because plug no. 6 has a 8.2 mm wide earth pin, rather than 6.5 mm for plug no. 7.   {FB}
4, 8 Socket and plug rated at 32A, 250-400V (single phase).

Sockets and adapter outlets have to be equipped with child safely shutters according to French regulations, effective from 2001.


Classic French three-phase plugs and sockets

In the past there was almost no standardisation among three-phase plugs and sockets.
A variety of of examples is shown in a separate gallery.
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French 3-phase socket and plug, small


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