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Note that logos and information are restricted to companies and brands of material that is shown in the museum. Countries and manufacturers are listed in alphabetical order.

Denmark     Italy     Liechtenstein     Spain     Switzerland
Denmark, Italy and Switzerland have 3-pin, earthed plugs, but earth pin configurations differs in each country. Liechtenstein has adopted the Swiss standard. Spain use nowadays Schuko plugs and sockets, but in some regions Swiss and Italian material can be found occasionally.

Abbreviations are explained at the end of the list.

Sources: catalogs and internet sites of the given companies and Wikipedia.
® shown logos are registered trademarks of given companies or brands.
Logos may not be copied, except for strict encyclopedic purposes in relation to plugs and sockets.



Bruhn & Hansen  and Elworks logos

Bruhn & Hansen. Founded in 1920 as Bruhn & Hansen in Copenhagen. In the 1950s the company name changed to B&H el-artikler. Production moved in 1997 to China. Head office and warehouse are based in Fredrikshavn. In 2010 the company has given the more internationally sounding name Elworks A/S.
Dansk Apparat Fabrik

Dansk Apparat Fabrik. Trade name that for a while has been used for electrical appliances made by the Dansk Køleautomatik og Apparat Fabrik, better known as Danfoss. The company was founded in 1933 in Nordborg.
Lauritz Knudsen logos

Lauritz Knudsen (LK). In 1893 Lauritz Knudsen founded in Copenhagen the Mechaniske Etablissement. He started manufacturing watches, but soon realized that electricity would change society radically, and switched to development and production of electrical equipment.
In 1968 LK merged with NES (see below); for a while the company was renamed LK-NES.
In 1995 LK merged with the Finnish electricity group Lexel A/S. In 2003 Lexel became an integral part of the French Schneider Electric. Two years later LK became a division of Schneider Electric Danmark A/S. The trade name LK remained in use.
H. Mogensen logo
H. Mogensen A/S. When the company, based in Herlev (suburb of Copenhagen), was founded is unknown. Export could have been important since each of the HM plugs in the collection has Danish, Dutch and Belgian certification marks. Information on internet suggests that around 1990 the company became part of A/S LK El-Artikler (source).
NES, Nordisk Elektricitets Selskab logo

Nordisk Elektricitets Selskab (NES). In 1908 Jensen (smith) and Jacobsen (watchmaker) founded the company Moderne Mekanik in Valby. In 1913 the company was renamed Nordisk Electricitets Selskab (Nordic Electricity Company). NES and LK (see above) merged in 1968. The factory in Valby was closed in 1976.

Logo of unknown company or brand, found on Danish material in the museum collection.
B&N logo

The logo has been found on a classic dual multi-plug (see no. 11).
If you recognize the logo, please contact me. Find the address on the start page.



 4BOX logo

4 BOX s.r.l. Founded in Milano in 2012 by Arturo Iossa Fassano and three companions (hence the name 4 box). Arturo Iossa has followed the footsteps of his grandfather, Augusta Iossa, who started in 1925 the production of electrical equipment and wiring material, making electricity available homes in southern Italy. The modern manufacturer 4 BOX focuses on producing innovative socket designs for Italian, Schuko and USB plugs.
Andronio logo

Andronio S.p.A. Founded in 1937 and specialized in production of appliance cords with PVC and rubber moulded plugs and connectors. Production facility is based in Miradolo (PV).
Bticino logos

Bticino S.p.A. In 1936 brothers Arnoldo, Luigi and Ermanno Bassani founded in Varese (VA) the company Ticino Interrutori Elettrici (Ticino Electric Switches); in 1948 renamed Bassani SpA when the product range was enlarged to all types of domestic electrical components. In 1974 the company renamed Bassani Ticino. In 1989 Bassani Ticino was acquired by the French Legrand group and the name changed to Bticino. The company is present on several markets worldwide. Italian standard type plugs and sockets are still used in Chile, Uruguay and occasionally in Spain.
Elettroplast logo

Elettroplast S.p.A. Founded in Florence; when and by whom is unknown. In the 1970s and '80s many EP plugs, made of aminoplast, have been exported to Belgium and the Netherlands. Processing of thermosetting resins by EP in Florence ended in the 1990s. At that time the company was renamed Elettrotecnica EP. Further details about the company have not been found.
Gewiss logo

Gewiss S.p.A.. Founded in 1970 by Domenico Bosatelli in Cenate Sopra (BG). He realized that technopolymers (thermosetting resins) would be ideal for production of domestic, electrical applications. The German word Gewiss means 'sure', and was chosen to emphasize the certainty of good design and quality. Production focuses now on domotics, applications in buildings and construction sites, and lighting. The company is active in about 80 countries worldwide.
O.V.A. logos

OVA. Electro-technical company founded in 1963 by Giulio Bargellini in Pieve di Cento (BO). He  chose the brand name OVA, which stands for Ohm, Volt, Ampere. The company produces plugs, sockets and related electrical accessories, UPS systems and became a leader in the production of emergency lighting systems. G. Bargellini S.p.A. was acquired by Schneider Electric in 2006.
Scame logo

Scame Parre S.p.A. In 1963 Giovanni Scainelli  founded, together with Luigi Piccinali and the brothers Gianni and Cornelio Palamini, the electro-technical company Scame (Scainelli Materiale Elettrico) in Parre (BG). The first products were insulated nails to fasten electrical cables, soon followed by electrical installation materials. From the 1990s several joint ventures were started, followed by branches in Spain, Slovakia and France and several more countries worldwide.
A.A.G. Stucchi logo

A. A. & G. Stucchi S.r.l. In 1944 the electro-technical company Electra was founded in Lecco. Six years later Aristide, Arturo and Giuseppe Stucchi renamed the company A.A.G. Stucchi. Production started with lampholders. Stucchi introduced a home-working system in 1961. It had a big impact on both the local community and company. From the 1990s Stucchi opened branches in several European countries and elsewhere. The company moved in 1998 to Olginate (LC) The range of products is now fully focused on lighting. Traditional plugs are no longer produced.
VETO logo

Veto. Industrie Materiale Elettrico Veto SpA in Milano could be the company that has used the VETO logos shown on plugs in the museum collection (see nos 10- 11). Details about the company have not been found. It seems likely that the company does not exist anymore.
The brand name VETO has been registered in 1967 by Veto Switchgears & Cables Ltd in Jaipur, India. However, this still existing company has a very different logo. It is unknown whether there have been any relation between the Italian and Indian company.
Vimar logo

Vimar. Founded in 1945 by Walter Viaro and Francesco Gusi in Marostica (VI). They specialized in products for residential use of electricity, initially based on thermosetting resins, later also glass and porcelain. Patents for socket shutters in 1968 and in 1975 for multi-standard (Bpresa:  10A and 16A) outlets were of great renown. In 2011 Vimar acquired the Italian Elvox company that produces home and building automation systems.
VLM logo

VLM SpA. Founded in 1945 in Bruccinasco (MI). Manufacturer of electrical components, notably switches, plugs and lamp sockets. VLM is part of the Relco Group (founded in 1967). The group focuses in lighting components. From 1969 VLM produces lampholders and switches for Scame Parre (see above).

Logo of unknown Italian company

Two logos of unknown Italian companies
Logos of unknown companies or brands, found on Italian material in
the museum collection.
If you recognize these logos, please contact me. Find the address on
the start page.

on socket no. 13

both on adapter plug (see 24-26)



Neutrik logo

Neutrik AG. Founded in 1975 by Bernhard Weingartner and the owners of NeuElektrik AG, Gebhard Sprenger and Josef Gstoehl. The company, based in Schaan, designs, manufacture and market electrical and electronic interconnection systems. Products are in particular designed for on stage performances using audio, video, power, lighting and data equipment.



BJC logo

BJC S.A.. In 1926 D. Buenaventura and Josa Camarasa incorporated in their metal workshop the production of electrical equipment under the name Fábrica Electrotécnica Josa. They started in 1954 the production of wiring devices and industrial material. Soon thereafter lighting components were added to the product range. In 2008 BJC became integrated into the Low Voltage Unit of Siemens Building Technologies Division. The BJC lighting division was transferred to the Siemens owned Osram company. BJC is based in Rubi (Barcelona).
Eunea logo

Eunea, founded in 1972 as a division of BJC (see above). In 1974 production facilities were build in Puente La Reina (Navarra). In 1993 it became a part of the French company Schneider Electric and was renamed Eunea Merlin Gerin (M.G. was acquired a year earlier by Schneider).
Eurea is still producing electrical accessories in Puente La Reina. Merlin Gerin migrated to another division of Schneider Electric.
Industrias Jangar logo

Industrias Jangar S.A.. Family owned company, founded in 1961 in Zaragoza. Thermosetting resins are used for production of electrical accessories ans wiring devices. More details have not been found.
Niessen logo

Niessen. In 1914 Guillermo Niessen* founded the Fábrica Electrotécnica Guillermo Niessen in Rentería, province Guipúzcoa (in Basque: Errenteria, Gipuzkoa). Because of German connections he was the first in Spain in the mid 1920s allowed to use Bakelite. Besides electrical accessories, the Bakelite press facility was also used for all sorts of other products. The company became one of the largest employers in the region. In the 1960s Niessen started collaboration with the German company Busch-Jaeger. The deep economic crises in the 1970s forced the Niessen family to sell the company to Busch-Jaeger, at that time part of Brown, Boveri & Cie. After merge of BBC with Asea, Niessen became part of the ABB Group in 1996. The large ABB Niessen plant is still located in Oyarzun (Oiartzun), close to Rentería.
* German wine merchant in Bordeaux, who left France at the outbreak of World War I.
Plastimetal logo

Plastimetal. Founded in Burgos by Julio and Jose Cano Pereda in (ca.) 1941. The initially small company grew rapidly in the 1950s when the Franco administration opened a new industrial expansion area in Burgos to develop the poor region. Under the direction of Julio Cano Pereda, Plastimetal became the largest company in Burgos. However, after his death in 1991 the company was unable to solve financial issues with government institutions and Plastimetal was forced to close in 1998.
Simon logo

Simón Electric S.A.. In 1916 Arturo Simón started the production of lamp holders in a small workshop in Olot (Catalonia). The range of products was expanded with a range of low voltage electrical equipment. In 1972 the company moved tor Barcelona. The Simon Group has now 22 subsidiaries in countries around the world and 17 overseas production plants. Simón products are sold in more than 90 countries worldwide.

Solera logo

Portalamparas y Accesorios Solera S.A.. In 1967 Don Mariano Verdejo Solera and his wife, Mrs Generosa Monfort Ortí founded Solera Pequeño Material Elétrico (Solera small electrical materials) in Hospitalet (Barcelona). In 1973 more space for the growing business was found in Cañete (Cuenca). Company headquarter moved in 1984 to Paterna (Valencia) for more efficient logistics. Don Mariano Verdejo died in 1997; his son, Don Carlos Verdejo Monfort, became director of the company. He started modernization and expansion of the facilities. In 2008 an additional production center was opened in Paterna.
Superfil logo

Superfil S.A., Fabrica Material Electrico in San Adrián de Besós (Barcelona).
No infomation has been found about the company, except a part of a 1973 Superfil catalog. It is most likely that the company does not exist anymore. It is unknown whether the company has been closed or is acquired by others.

Logo of unknown Spanish company

Logo of unknown Spanish company

Logos of unknown companies or brands, found on classic Spanish material in the museum collection.
If you recognize a logo, please contact me. Find the address on the start page.
on plugs 13c,d

on plugs 14-16
and nos 20-25



Amacher logo

Amacher AG. The Amacher Elektrotechnik und Apparatenbau has been founded in the late 1930s in Allschwil (BL). The company was acquired in 2005 by the German Hager Group. Production of electrical accessories moved in 2011 to Hager Schweiz in Emmenbrück (LU). The company still produces electrical accessories for the Swiss market, but the trade name Amacher was withdrawn in 2014.
Baillod logo

F. Baillod S.A.. The company is related to, or part of INCA S.A, Plastic in La Chaux-de-Fonds (NE). Information about F. Baillod S.A - except a digital catalog - has not been found, nor given. The catalog shows a large range of SEV and CEE type plugs and sockets.

 Brac AG logo

Brac A.G. Electro-technical company based in Breitenbach (SO). Founded in 1904 as
watch manufacturer. Early 1930s Brac started thermoplastic processing using injection molding machines. Plugs are no longer part of the product range.
Electro-Mica logo

Electro-Mica AG. Family (Hamann ?) owned company, founded in 1931 in Mollis (GL). Manufacturer of thermoplast and duroplast plugs, sockets and switches. Their modular design results in a large choice of models based on a limited number of components.
Feller logos

Feller AG. In 1909 Adolf Feller takes over the Handelsgeschäft für elektrotechnische Artikel David Bollier in Horgen (ZH). Import limitations during WW I forced Feller to start its own production of switches, sockets and plugs. Adolf Feller died in 1931; management was taken over by his wife Emma and daughter Elisabeth. Until 1992 Feller remained family owned. In that year the company was sold to Merlin Gerin. Two years later the French company Schneider Electric acquired Merlin Gerin, including Feller.
Max Hauri logo

Max Hauri AG. In 1947 Max Hauri started in Bischofszell (TG) manufacturing and distribution of electrical components. The company has production facilities in Switzerland, Eastern Europe and Far East. The current director, Daniel Hauri, is also CEO of Elbet Holding AG in Bischofszell. The holding facilitates a group of - mainly Swiss - electro-technical companies.
Resista electric logo

Resista Electric S.A., founded in 1984 and based in Renens (VD). Company was specialized in production of unbreakable, and oil and acid resistant plugs and connectors. Resista Electric was liquidated in 2014.
Schurter logo

Schurter Holding AG. The Swiss Schurter company was founded in 1933 by Heinrich Schurter in Luzern. In 1990 it became the Schurter Holding AG. The Group consists of 22 companies in 17 countries. They are coordinated from three hubs: Luzern (Europe), Santa Rosa (America) and Singapore (Asia). Main products are fuses, IEC 60320 connectors and extension cords, circuit breakers and EMC filters. Until 2015 the Group was managed by the Schurter family.
Steffen logo

A. Steffen AG. Founded in 1963 by Alfred Steffen in Würenlos (AG). In 1972 the company moved to the neighbor municipal district Spreitenbach. The company is both manufacturer and business firm. Steffen own products comprise among others domestic plugs, lockable plug-connector combinations, cable reels, LED light and solar power components. In addition to this, Steffen sells Electro-Mica switches and sockets.
Tschudin & Heid logo

J. J. Buser AG logo

Tschudin & Heid AG. In 1900 Alphonse Tschudin and Fritz Heid have taken over Revue Thommen, a company specialized in manufacturing precision parts for the clock industry. In 1931 the factory in Waldenburg (BL) was renamed Tschudin & Heid. The still active company develops and produces precision parts for medical, measuring, clock industry and mechanical engineering.

In 1945, Tschudin & Heid acquired J.J. Buser AG, Kunststoffpresswerk elektronischer Artikel in Basel. Buser's press work allowed Tschudin & Heid to add electrical accessories to their range of products, which proved to be very profitable. The trademark JJB remained in use for many years. In 1960, a branch named TH-contact, was founded in Reinach (BL) for manufacturing electro-technical equipment, as switches, plugs and sockets. In 2002 switch production has been sold to SAIA Burgess in Murten (FR). Plugs and sockets have been acquired by Max Hauri AG (see above). The branch in Reinach was closed in 2005.
WAROB logo

WAROB. The plastic press and injection works and production of electrical accessories company Warob, Müller & Bürgin started in 1945 in Courrendlin (JU). The company was acquired by PWF Kunststofftechnik AG, founded in 1994 in Laupersdorf (SO)*. Trade name Warob is still used for SEV 1011 10 and 16 Amp plugs, connectors and appliance inlets.
* Swiss branch of the German firma PWF, founded in 1969 in Hamburg.
Xamax logos

XAMAX AG. Rüdi Jaisli founded in 1968 the electro-technical company R. Jaisli & Co. in Zürich. The manufacturer of switches, Xamax AG was acquired in 1987 and the company was renamed Jaisli-Xamax AG. Jaisli sold the company in 2008 to three partners; the head office moved to Dietikon (ZH). Branches were opened in Basel (2010) and Bern (2012). The company focuses now on photovoltaic systems and KNX systems for buildings.

Logos of unknown companies or brands, found on Swiss material in the museum collection.
If you recognize a logo, please contact me. Find the address on the start page.

Logo of unknown Swiss company
Logo of unknown Swiss company
Logo of unknown Swiss company
Logo of unknown Swiss company

on T12 plug
on Bakelite
T12 multi-plug

on T2 and
T12 plugs

on T12 plug and
T13 connector


Corporation limited by share ownership:
AG   = Aktiengesellschaft (CH, LI)
A/S  = Aktieselskab (DK)
S.A. = Société Anonyme (CH) / Sociedad Anónima (ES)
SpA = Società per Azioni (IT)

S.r.l. = Società a responsabilità limitati (IT): limited liability
           company (comparable to German GmbH).

Italian provinces:
BG - Bergamo   BO = Bologna   LC = Lecco   MI = Milano   PV = Pavia   VA = Varese   VI = Vicenza 

Swiss cantons:
AG = Aargau   BL = Basel-Landschaft   FR = Freiburg /
Fribourg   GL = Glarus   JU = Jura   LU = Luzern  
NE = Neuchâtel   SO = Solothurn   TG = Thurgau  
VD = Vaud   ZH = Zürich


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