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Heavy duty plugs and sockets
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Also in Spain IEC 60309 16A single phase 250V and various 16A-32A / 400V three-phase models are nowadays the dominant heavy duty sockets and plugs.
However, 25A / 250V plugs and sockets can still be found in Spain, see images 1, 2.
Some other models are going to be phased out, but can still be found in workshops. Several types are shown below. Information about manufacturers is given on a separate page.


Spanish 25A-250A socket Spanish 25A-250V plug Norwegian and Polish 25A plug

Spanish 25A socket, old model Spanish 25A plug, old model Comparison od Schuko and spanish 25A plug

1, 2 25A - 250V single phase socket (no. 1) and plug (no.2).
The plug is polarized (does not fit upside down in a socket) because of the shape of the housing, but neighter plug nor socket has any indication of line and neutral. Earth contact is made first when equipment is plugged in because the earth pin is 2.7 mm longer than power pins. Similar plugs, used in Norway and Poland, are shown in image no. 3.
Manufacturer: Industrias Jangar, Zaragoza.   {FSE}
3 25A - 250V cooker plugs, similar to Spanish plug no. 2 are also used in Norway and Poland. It is not known whether the 'original' plug is a Norwegian, Polish or Spanish design.
4, 5
25A, 250V* single phase socket (no. 4) and plug (no. 5.) They resemble 16A Schuko socket and plug, but are about 13% larger.
Although being an older model, socket and plug are still (early 2020s} available for replacement to keep running appliances that are using the Schuko-based model. Manufacturer: Simon Electric, Barcelona.   {FSE}
* 250V is indicated on socket and plug; the Simon catalog gives a 25A-380V rating.
6 16A Schuko plug (CEE 7/7 model) and Spanish 25A plug. Pin spacing is 19 mm (16A) versus 25.5 mm (25A). Pin length is respectively 19.2 and 23.7 mm, but both plugs have the same pin diameter (4.8 mm).


Obsolete single- and three-phase material

Shown plugs, connectors and sockets have used in the last decades of the 20st century.

Niessen 3-phase 10A-250V socket
Spanish 20A-380V socket with N- and earth clips Spanish 20A0380V plug with N- and earth clips Spanish 20A-350V plug, inside view

7 Three phase 10A - 250V sockets, without neutral and earth connection. Manufacturer: NRG, Fábrica Electrotéchnica Guillermo Niessen in Renteria (Errenteria, Basque Autonomous Comnmnunity), Spain. Dating: 1930s- '50s.
8 Three-phase 20A - 380V socket with dyal earth clips for neutral contact (bottom) and protective earth connection (top). Round power pins have a diameter of 5.0 mm. L1(R), L2(S) and L3(T) are not  specified. Diameter of recessed part is 52 mm, equal to socket no. 4. Manufacturer: Simón Electric, Barcelona.   {FSE}
9 Three-phase 20A - 380V plug; fits in socket no. 7. Image no. 9 shows an inside view.
Manufacturer: Simón Electric, Barcelona; dating 1980s.  {FSE}
9a Inside view of plug no.. 8. Earth clip is connected to cord grip (brass screw). N-clip has its own wire connector.

Eunea Metropoli outlets
Eunea Metropoli 2-pin plug
Eunea Metropoli 3-pin plug
Eunea Metropoli 4-pin plug

10 Plate with three different types of Eunea type Metropoli outlets. Each is rated at 16A - 220-380V. Corresponding plugs are shown in image nos. 9, 10 and 11. Manufacturers: Eunea (plate) and BJC (outlets).
11 Eunea Metropoli not earthed, 2 pole plug, rated at 16A - 380V. Dimensions of the flat blade power pins are 10 mm wide, 2.0 mm thick and 18 mm long; blade spacing is 30 mm. Although the plug is clearly polarized, line and neutral are not specified.
Manufacturer: BJC.
12 Eunea Metropoli earthed, 2 pole plug, rated at 16A - 380V. The round earth pin has a diameter of 4.5 mm and is 19 mm long. Although the plug is clearly polarized, line and neutral are not specified. Manufacturer: BJC.
13 Eunea three-phase plug, rated at 16A - 380V. Manufacturer: Eunea.

Metropoli devices are no longer in production, but Eunea Metropoli sockets and plugs can still be found in Spain.
Some material is available for repair (2017).

Simon 16A-250V 2-pin socket

Simon 16A-380V 3-pin socket
Simon 16A-380V 4-pin socket
Simon 16A-250V 2-pin plug
Simon 16A-250V 3-pin plug
Simon 16A-380V 3-pin plug
Simon 16A-380V 4-pin plug

The Spanish company Simón Electric has designed single phase 16A - 250V and three-phase 16A - 380V sockets and plugs that resembles the Eunea Metropoli series shown in images 10-13. However, Simón Electric plugs have round pins only.
The Simón series, dated to the 1980s, has been donated by Spezialelectric in Ludwigsburg, Germany.   {FSE}

14a, b
16A - 250V socket and plug. Pin diameter: 4.8 mm; pin length: 18.3 mm; pin spacing (center to center): 18.8 mm.
15 16A - 250V earthed plug. Brass earth pin diameter: 4.0 mm; length: 18.2 mm; offset: 4.6 mm
16a, b
16A - 380V socket and plug. Pin diameter: 5.0 mm; length: 18.1 mm; spacing of two lower pins: 14.6 mm; offset upper pin: 13.0 mm. No indication of L1(R), L2(S) and L3(T) pin position.
17a, b
16A - 380V earthed socket and plug. Brass earth pin diameter: 5.0 mm, length: 20.1 mm; offset from lower pins: 2.6 mm, from upper pin: 9.6 mm.
Industria Jangar (Spain) 15A-250V 3-pin plug
Industria Jangar (Spain) 15A-380V 3-pin socket
Industria Jangar (Spain) 15A-250V 4-pin plug
Industria Jangar (Spain) 15A-250V 4-pin connector

Industria Jangar (Spain) 30A-250V 3-pin plug
Industria Jangar (Spain) 30A-250V 3-pin socket
Industria Jangar (Spain) 30A-250V 4-pin plug
Industria Jangar (Spain) 30A-250V 4-pin connector

Three-phase plugs, connectors and sockets nos. 18-25 have a rubber casing. They have been made by Industrias Jangar, a still existing company based in Zaragoza, Spain.
18, 19
Three-phase plug and socket, rated at 15A - 250V (plug), 380V (socket). Pins have a diameter of 5.0 mm. They form an equilateral triangle with 20.5 mm pin spacings. Similar 15A, 3-phase, 3-pin material has been made in France (Legrand) and Italy (VETO), but pin spacing is a bit different for each of the models, which makes them hardly compatible.   {FSE}
20, 21
Plug and connector comparable to nos. 18-19, but with a centrally positioned neutral pin (5.0 mm diameter). Connector plug is rated at 15A - 250V, rather than 380V for socket no. 13.   {FSE}
22, 23 Three-phase plug and socket, rated at 30A - 380V. Pins have a diameter of 8.0 mm. They form an equilateral triangle with 24.6 mm pin spacings.   {FSE}
24, 25 Plug and connector comparable to nos. 22-23, but with a centrally positioned neutral pin (5.5 mm diameter).   {FSE}

Spanish 20A 4-pin socket
Spanish 25A 4-pin socket
Spanish 25A 4-pin plug
Spanish 30A 2-pin socket

Spanish 30A 3-pin connector
Parts of Spanish 30A 3-pin connector

Shield with C logo of Spanish company
Sockets and plugs shown in image nos 26 - 31 have been made by an unknown Spanish company that used a shield with a C logo. None of these devices have an indication of rating. Given ratings are based on pin size, pin spacing and comparison with material made by Industrias Jangar, shown above.
26 Three-phase socket with centrally positioned contact for neutral pin. Estimated rating: 20A - 380V. Power contacts form an equilateral triangle with 35mm spacings (centre to centre). Power contacts are meant for 5 mm pin; neutral contact for a 4 mm pin. Plug no. 20 does not fit because of different pin spacing and the neutral pin has a larger diameter.   {JRC}
27, 28
Large three-phase socket and matching plug. Power pin spacing is 39 mm. Diameter of power pins is 8 mm and 6 mm for neutral pin. Length of each of the pins is 30 mm. Neutral pin makes contact first with the advanced position of the central socket contact. Estimated rating: 25-30A - 380V.   {JRC}
29 Two pin plug. Pin diameter: 8 mm, pin length: 30 mm, pin spacing: 27.4 mm. Estimated rating: 25-30A - 380V.   {JRC}
30, 31
Connector for a 3-pin plug with 8 mm diameter and max. 30 mm long pins. Estimated rating: 30A - 380V.
Image no. 25 shows that the connector consists of three parts.
Left part:
massive rubber block with three 30 mm long holes for brass contact tubes. The block has on both sides flexible rubber sleeves. One that wraps around the other parts of the connector, the other protrudes and can be wrapped around a matching rubber plug.
Middle part: round steatite plate with three brass contact pins and at the other side nuts to fix wires.
Right part: flexible rubber casing that encloses the steatite plate (plug nos 28 and 29 show a similar construction).
The Industrias Jangar connector nos 21 and 25 have a comparable system to achieve a closely sealed connection between male and female plug.   {JRC}


Items 1-2, 4- 9 and 14-25
have been donated by


Supply of electric material and
accessories as per German and
all foreign standards.

D-71634  Ludwigsburg


Instalaciones eléctricas
Venta de material eléctrico

Villanueva del Arzobispo (Jaén)

Items 10-13 and 26-31
have been donated /supplied
by Electroromera

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