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Classic models, part 3
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The German DIN VDE 4990 standard for appliance couplers (see part 1 page), that became effective in the early 1920s, was taken over by many appliance makers in Europe and elsewhere.
The 19 mm pin spacing and 6 mm pin diameter became the de facto standard in continental Europe until the end of the 20st century; see images 1-7. In the UK and US comparable designs have been used, but pin spacing and pin diameter may differ.
The images below shows examples of
classic appliance connectors, not made in Germany.


Therma appliance connector Vynckier appliance connector
HAF appliance connector
Unknown appliance connector

Prise Blindee appliance connector Prise Blindee appliance connector, components
Russian appliance connector

The continental European items (nos. 1-7) are made for appliances with a 19 mm pin spacing and 5.8 - 6.0 mm pin diameter.
1 Bakelite connector with steatite tip for protection against heat. The appliance cord came with a toaster, made by the Swiss company Therma. The metal case can be connected to earth. Toaster dates back to the second half of the 1930s. The museum had the flex cord on loan.   {RH}
2 Bakelite connector rated at 10A - 250V, made by Vynckier Frères et Co. in Gent, Belgium. Probably 1950s - '60s.   {WN}
3 Dutch made Bakelite connector rated at 10A - 250V. Production of household plugs has always been modest in the Netherlands. One of the few manufacturers was H.A.F. (Hollandse Apparaten Fabriek = Dutch Appliances Factory in Rotterdam, later in Ede). They had a Bakelite molding facility from 1934 until the 1960s. The model shown dates back to the 1950s - '60s.   {WN}
4 Simple, Bakelite connector with a less usual shape. Rating: 10A - 250V. It has no name of the manufacturer. Probably not made in Germany because it has no VDE or any other certification mark.   {WN}
5, 6
French connector, rated at 6A - 250V. It consists of two Bakelite halves that are kept together with three aluminum cases. The connector does not have any screws. Wires have to be pressed between two metal parts of each connector tube (see no. 6, far right). The connector carries the French name "La Prise Blindée", literally translated "The Armoured Plug". Unknown manufacturer; possibly 1950s.   {WN}
7 Russian appliance connector made of black plastic with porcelain tip. Indicated are a rating of 6A - 250V and ц44к. Ц and к are abbreviations of цена (tsena = price), and копейка (kopek, 1/100 of a ruble). In the Soviet Union it was common practice to indicate the price of goods clearly; inflation was not an issue in a strictly regulated economy. You had to pay 44 kopeks for this type of connector.
The logo of an unknown manufacturer shows the character M. Dating: probably 1960s - '80s.   {RH}

Ward-Goltone appliance connector Goltone appliance connector
Goltone appliance connector

Swan application connector Ashley application connector LUNB appliance connector

8 Bakelite, earthed connector with semi side cord entrance, rated at 10A - 250V. Made in England by Ward and Goldstone*. The connector complies with BSS 562 on reversible connectors for portable electrical appliances (first published in 1934, revised in 1958, withdrawn in 1987). The abbreviation BSS (British Standard Specification) has fallen in disused in the late 1940s, in favour of BS. The rubber tube points to a 1950s-'60s connector. It is likely that the company has used an older mould, because replacing moulds was expensive.   {WN}

* the company, founded in 1892, also used the brand names Goltone (see nos. 9-10) and Volex. Volex is now a part of the Electrium Group, that is owned by Siemens AG, UK.
9, 10
Appliance connector with 2-pole switch, rated at 6A - 250V, made in England by Goltone (see also no. 8). The push type switch consists of a porcelain bar with 4 notches on both sides. Two pairs of notches are connected to each other with a brass contact strip (active in on position) , while the other two have no strips (breaks contact in off position). A simple but efficient on/off mechanism. Dating: probably 1940s or even late 1930s.   {RM}
11 Round appliance connector with earth strips, rated at 10A - 250V. Wiring of the earth clips is partly external, comparable to the wiring of connector no. 14/15. British made by Swan Brand. Dating: possibly 1950s.   {RM}
12 Round connector with contact for a flat (ca. 5 mm) earth pin. Rating 13A - 250V. It has a kitemark - certification mark of The British Standards Institution - and complies with BS 3283 on Non-reversible connectors and appliance inlets for portable electrical appliances (first published in 1980, withdrawn in 2007). The connector, made in England by Ashley in the 1980s - '-90s, has been used with a Russel Hobbs kettle.   {RM}
13 Connector used on 1970s Electrolux (Sweden) vacuum cleaners*. Rating: 10A - 250V. Appliances couplers with angled flat pins were uncommon. The museum has two identical connectors. One has a LUMB logo, the other TJ. The TJ plug has also a Danish certification mark and a K6 mark (model number?). It is unknown whether LUMB and TJ are manufacturers or brand names. The combination of the Swedish company and a Danish certification mark may suggest that the plugs are of Scandinavian origin.
: info given by John Hunter, Australia.   {RM}, LUMB plug;  {WN}, TJ plug.

Sturdee appliance connector
Sturdee appliance connector
PDL appliance connector

14, 15
Sturdee* 7.5A, 250V connector with earth clips. Earth wiring is partly external (see image no. 15). One of the screws to assemble both halves of the Bakelite cast and earth clips is also used to fasten the (green) earth wire of the flex cord. Shown wire colours are identical to the original flex cord. The connector possibly dates back to the 1950s or early 1960s.    {RM}

*Sturdee was an Australian manufacturer which existed until the 1960's. They disappeared when plugs went from being made of Bakelite to PVC.
(Info: John Hunter, Australia).
10A, 250V connector with earth clips, made by PDL*. The connector consists of three parts. The inner part, with contacts for 5 mm pins, screws to fasten wires and cord grip is a separate unit. Production date unknown, but probably 1980s or later.   {RM}

* PDL (Plastic and Die Castings, Christchurch, New Zealand) is a part of Schneider Electric Group and has branches in Australia and New Zealand.

Sunbeam appliance connector
Leviton appliance connector
General Electric (US) appliance connector

NOMA appliance connector
National appliance connector
Chinese appliance connector NEW appliance connector

17 Sunbeam* connector with earth clips, rated at 7.5A - 250V. The two earth clips are not fully identical. The 'top' (side with white plastic grip) has an upright lip (see inset). The connector has been used electric frying pans. It might be that the tip is a part of system to secure the plug when connected to the pan, but details are unknown. Dating: probably not later than early 1960s.   {RM}
* Sunbeam is an American brand that produced electric home appliances since 1910. It is now a part of the Jarden Corporation.
18 Bakelite Leviton* connector rated at 10A-125V / 5A-250V. Dating: probably 1930s - '40s.   {RH}
* Leviton Manufacturing Company was founded in 1906 by Isodor Leviton in Melville, NY, USA.
19 General Electric* connector rated at 10A-125V / 5A-250V. The classic looking model has been produced to at least the 1970s.   {WN}
* General Electric was formed in 1892 through a merger of Edison General Electric Company in Schenectady, NY and Thomson-Houston Electric Company in Lynn, MA. The U.S. company is not related to the British General Electric Company.
20 Noma* Jumbo appliance cord for hot plates, kettles, large coffee makers etc. Rating: 13A - 125V. The 3.3 feet (1 m) flex cord has a NEMA 1-15 wall plug. The flex cord has been bought in Canada in 2010.
* NOMA was formed in 1925 as the National Outfit Manufacturer's Association, but since 1967 excists only as a licensed trademark, that is currently held by Inliten LLC, Glenview, Illinois, US.
21 Japanese National* connector rated at 12A - 250V. The stainless steel housing is not earthed. Black 'knobs' on both sides of the connector are parts of a black plastic bar that separates the red (life) and black (neutral) wires; see image bottom right. Dating is unknown.   {WN}
* National is a no longer existing brand of Panasonic Corporation (formerly Matsushita Electric Industrial Corporation).
22 Earthed appliance connector with porcelain front plate, rated at 15A - 250V. The connector has been bought in China in 1998.
23 Basic, not earthed connector rated at 6A - 250V for equipment with max. 5.5 mm pins. Country of origin and brand name NEW are unknown. Any information about 'NEW' is welcome.   {WN}

SBC type bayonet connector
SBC type bayonet connector

24, 25
Not earthed bayonet connector, with switch. Inner diameter of bayonet: 15.5 mm. Rating: not indicated. Dating: unknown.
Connector has been made (or was ordered) by the Us sewing machine Singer. Most older Singer electric sewing machines had  three-pin connectors. It could be that Singer has used bayonet connectors only for lamps and the shown connector is a lamp fitting rather than an appliance connector. Small lamps with SBC (B15d/17) type cap fit in the connector.


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