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3-phase plugs and sockets
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Both 10A and 16A three-phase plugs and sockets are available for domestic use in Switzerland. They have a remarkable feature: standard single phase plugs fit also in three-phase sockets.
That means that a 3-pin 10A plug (see example at right) can be used with four types of sockets: standard single phase (three slots) rated for either 10A or 16A, and three-phase
10A or 16A outlets. Likewise, 16A single phase plugs also fit in 16A three-phase sockets.
CH_standard 10A plug


CH-10A 3phase socket Swiss T15 10A 3phase connector CH-16A 3phase socket

CH-10A 3phase plug Swiss Resista model T15 plug CH-16A 3phase plug

1, 4 10A - 230/400V three-phase socket and plug (SEV 1011 type 15). A guide (green arrow) prevents attempts to insert a five-pin plug (see no. 4) upside down. 10A T15 plugs can also be used with 16A T25 sockets (no. 3).
Manufacturers are: socket: Feller AG in Horgen (ZH); plug: unknown company using logo c (see below).
2 10A - 230/400V three-phase T15 connector plug. Indicated L1, L2, L3, N, E configuration applies also to 16A model.
WAROB, trademark of PWFG Kunststofftechnik in Laupersdorf (SO).
5 Resista model 230/400V, 10A three-phase T15 plug. The plug has a rubber, water resistant housing.
Manufacturer: Resista Electric SA in Renens (VD), Switzerland.   {FSE}
3, 6 16A - 230/400V three-phase socket and plug (SEV 1011 type 25). A T25 plug does not fit in a 10A T15 socket.
Manufacturers: socket: Feller AG in Horgen (ZH); plug: Martin Kaiser in Hochstadt am Main, Germany

Swiss Type 10 plug
Swiss Type 10 plug

Swiss 15A - 500V 3-phase socket

Swiss 15A-500V 2-phase socket Swiss 15A-500V 2-phase plug Swiss 10A-380V socket Swiss Type 18 plug

7, 8

Type 10, three-phase plugs with earth pin rated at 25A - 500V. Resista plug no.8 has a robust, rubber housing. The three power pins (L1, L2, L3, are not specified) have a length of 27.0 mm and diameter of 7.5 mm. The protective earth pin is 29.5 mm long and 10 mm thick. Manufacturers are:
no. 7: plug has a JJB logo, which means that it has been made by the TH-contact branch of Tschudin & Heid in Rheinach (BL), formerly Jean Jaques Buser,  {WN};   no. 8: Resista Electric in Renens (VD), Switzerland  {FSE}
Type 7, 8, 9 and 10 are old SEV standards for heavy duty plugs and sockets, with the following specifications: 
T7 (2L+E, 15A-500V), T8 (3L+E, 15A-500V), T9 (3L+N+E, 25A-500V) and T10 (3L+E, 25A-500V).

These plugs and sockets can still be found in kitchens. Newer electric stoves/ovens have T25 or CEE 60309 plugs.
9 3-Phase +N+E, 15A - 500V socket. Configuration of contacts is similar to 25A T9 sockets.
Manufacturer: XAMAX AG in Zürich.   {AR}
10, 11
T7, 2-phase +E, 15A- 500V socket and plug. The line contacts are connected to either L1 and L2, or L1-L3, or L2-L3. Each combination offers 400V (previously 380V). Pin dimensions are: 24.7 / 6.0 mm for earth pin, and 21.7 / 5.0 mm for line pins.
Manufacturer of socket and plug: Feller AG in Horgen (ZH).   {AR}
12 Obsolete socket rated at 10A - 380V with a earth pin. The matching plug - not in the collection - has two flat pins in a T-configuration. Image no. 13 shows a comparable, more modern type 18 plug. Because of the flat pin connectors, using the 380V socket for a 230V appliance is not possible; non-earthed round pin plugs T11 (10A) and T26 (Europlug) do not fit.
Manufacturer: Feller AG in Horgen (ZH).   {AR}
13 Type 18 plug, rated at 10A - 380V. Configuration of the flat power pins is fully compatible with socket no. 12. However, the older socket has an earth pin while the more modern T18 plug has the earth pin.
Manufacturer: F. Baillod S.A. in La Chaux-de-Fonds (NE), Switzerland.

Note that the corresponding T18 (non-recessed) and T19 (recessed) sockets are taken off the market. T18 plugs are still available (in 2016) for replacement.

Company logos shown on Swiss plugs and sockets shown above.
Companies that simply used thier full name have been left out (i.e. WAROB and Resista Electric).

Two logos have not yet been linked to a company. If you recognize a logo and know the name of the matching company, please contact me (see Home page for address).
Logos of Swiss plug manufacturers
Feller AG. Classic logo found on nos. 1 and 10-12, used by the company founded in 1909 by Adolf Feller in Horgen (ZH), Switzerland.
Feller AG. Modern logo found on socket no 3, used by the company that became in 1994 a part of Schneider Electric.
Electro-Mica AG in Mollis (GL), a family owned company founded in 1931; logo found on plug no. 4.
Martin Kaiser Elektrotechnische Fabrik in Hochstadt am Main (Germany); logo found on plug no. 6.
XAMAX AG in Zürich; logo found on socket no. 9.
f F. Baillod S.A. in La Chaux-de-Fonds (NE), Switzerland; logo on plug no. 13.

More Swiss logos and marks are shown on the SEV 1011 standard page.


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