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This page shows plugs and socket for which help by others is appreciated !
Help refers to:
1. Material in the collection that is fully unknown to me and useful information
    has not been found on internet or elsewhere.
2. Material that must exist, but is very difficult to find.
    For example, the museum has a plug, but the matching socket is missing.

Your help to find a missing item or unknown information is greatly appreciated !
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Unkown plugs or sockets
At present no mysteries.

Thanks to help of museum visitors, questions about items shown below have been answered recently !

No longer unknown

Legrand 3-pin plug type no. 76153

3-pin plug made by the French company Legrand.
Identified by Michel Lagravere as extra low voltage plug.

Attached cord with button coiuld be used to operate relais.
Find more details at page with uncommon French plugs.

Heating element
Heating element

The heat element has been found, as separate item, in a farm in Saxony, Germany by Peter W. Martin.

Thanks to Reimar Lüngen details about the use of the heat element has been clarified.

See Depot image no. 10 for details.

Rozetkus-1, multisocket for 12 Europlugs

The intially unknown outlet that may accommodate 12 Europlugs is a:

   Rozetkus-1 power strip, designed by
   Art. Lebedev Studio in Moscow.

Find information and other design outlets
on artlebedev website.

Origin of the outlet has been found thanks to research by Reimar Lüngen.


No longer missing

Greek Tripoliki socket
For decades Greece had a, nowadays rare, type of earthed sockets and plugs, known as
tripoliki mpreza (sockets) and tripoliki visma (plugs).
In 1989 Greece switched to CEE 7/3-7/4 (Schuko) standard for earthed plugs and sockets.

A Tripoliki mpriza was for many years missing in the collection, but thanks to successful investigations by Michail Kritsotakis the museum has now two old type Greek sockets.

See Greek page. for more images and information


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