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On some pages you will find a Request for Help, that may refer to a missing plug or socket.
The "most wanted" item(s) are summarized here.

Your help to find a missing item or unknown information is greatly appreciated !
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Missing  (no longer)

Greek Tripoliki adapter outlet
For decades Greece had a, nowadays rare, type of earthed plug and sockets.
In 1989 Greece switched to CEE 7/3-7/4 (Schuko) standard for earthed plugs and sockets.

The image left shows the outlet of a Tripoliki mpriza - Schuko adapter.

A Tripoliki mpriza socket was missing for many years, but thanks to successful investigations by Michail Kritsotakis the museum has now two sockets. See image no. 1 on Greek page.


Unknown origin

Heating element
Heating element

1, 2
Plug connected to a heating element. It has been used in an unknown, possibly German appliance. The element has been found, as separate item, in a farm in Saxony, Germany.   {PM}
Rating and/or manufacturer areindicated. The 6 mm pins, spaced by 19 mm, would fit in a DIN VDE 4990 (later DIN 49491) appliance connector, but shape of the ceramic part suggests that the element had to be plugged into another type of outlet.
If you have any information about this classic heating element, please mail me (see home page for address).

Multisocket for 12 Europlugs


Guido has sent a photo of an unknown socket (left). A schematic representation (right), drawn by Oof Oud, suggests that the socket can be used for twelve Europlugs.

Guido wrote:
This strange but genuine design socket with 25 holes was found in Northern or Eastern Europe, but I forgot where exactly. Have you any idea who's the manufacturer or designer?

If you recognize the socket and know the manufacturer or designer, please send a mail to:
Your help is appreciated by both Guido and Oof.


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