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On some pages you will find a Request for Help, that may refer to a missing plug or socket.
The "most wanted" item(s) are summarized here, with links to the relevant pages.

Your help to find a missing item or unknown information is greatly appreciated !
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Greek Tripoliki adapter outlet
For decades Greece had a 3-pin type of earthed plug and socket, named Tripoliki (Τριπολικές) which means three-pole. Late 1980s Greece authorities have decided to switch to CEE 7/3-7/4 (Schuko) standard for earthed plugs and sockets.

The museum has a Tripoliki plug, but a matching socket is missing.

Occasionally Tripoliki sockets can be found in some older houses in Greece.
Please contact me if you have an out-of-service socket, or a socket that you
like to replace by a Schuko socket.

The image shows the outlet of a Tripoliki - Schuko adapter.



Unknown British T-slot connector

a - d Problem solved.
e An uncommon T-slot connector plug rated at 10A - 250V that has been made in England.
The museum has a few T-slot sockets and plugs, but they are incompatible with the shown connector. The critical difference  is the slot spacing (9.9 mm for the connector).
Classic U.S. T-slot spacing is 13.8 mm. NEMA 2-20R has a larger slot spacing: 15.9 mm.
Non-earthed T-slot plugs and sockets are
used In Australia for extra low voltage. They have a slot spacing of 15.2 mm.
The significance of the T-slot model made in England is not clear. Was meant for export to …?, or was it an adapter plug for …?
If you recognize the English T-slot model, please contact me; find the address at the home page.


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