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Nominal domestic voltage: 220V, 50 HZ.
Most common types of plugs are:
-  Europlugs and similar plugs with two 4.0 mm round pins;
- 10A plugs with flat blade, angled power pins*.

* this plug/socket is similar to a now obsolete U.S. non-NEMA 15A-110V / 10A-220V design by Hubbell, patented in 1916. The same design that has been adopted by Australia and became the AS/NZS 3112 standard.

Nominal domestic voltage: 220V, 50 HZ.
Most common types of plugs are:
-  Europlugs and similar plugs with two 4.0 mm round pins;
- 10A plugs with flat blade, angled power pins (* see note at left);
- 10A plugs identical to Italian standard CEI 23-50.

Occasionally found in Argentina and/or Uruguay:
- 20A, earthed plugs/sockets, identical to NEMA 10-20;
- Polarized Schuko plugs/sockets for dedicated networks.


Richi 10A angled pin socket Cambre AU-EU type socket Steck EU-type round pin plug Richi NEMA 10-20 socket
Camtre 10A AU-type plug Cambre 10A AU-tyoe unearthed socket Richi 10A AU-type unearthed plug Richi NEMA 10-20 plug

1, 5
IRAM 2073 10A-250V socket and matching IRAM 2073 plug. The crawling child symbol indicates that the socket has a 'protección aumentada' = L and N slots with safety shutters (green). L and N slots have a reversed position compared to Australasian AS/NZ 3112 polarity. Characteristics of IRAM 2073 and AS/NZS 3112 plugs are given in the table below. Manufacturer: Richi, Argentina. {FSE}
2 Dual standard socket for IRAM 2073 (see nos. 5-7), and Europlugs and similar 2-pole round pin plugs (for example no. 3). Rated at 10A-250V. Manufacturer: Cambre, Argentina.   {FSE}
3 'Euro-type' 2-pin 10A-250V plug with partially sleeved pins and cord grip. Pin diameter is 4.0 mm. Manufacturer: Steck, Brazil. {FSE}
4, 8
IRAM 2071 20A-250V socket and matching IRAM 2073 plug. Pin/slot spacing is wider than the 10A variant; image nos. 1, 2 and 4 have the same scale. IRAM 2073 20A is fully compatible with NEMA 10-20, see table below. Manufacturer: Cambre, Argentina. {FSE}
6, 7
Not earthed IRAM 2063 plugs, both rated at 10A-250V. Note that model no. 7 requires a socket that is mounted in a 90 degrees rotated position than usual. Such sockets are indeed listed in the Richi catalog. Manufacturer: Cambre (no. 6) and Richi (no. 7). {FSE}

Characteristics of plugs
with angled L and N pins
AS/NZS 3112
10 Amp
IRAM 2073
10 Amp
IRAM 2073
20 Amp
Length of L and N pins 16.9 mm 18.5 mm 18.5 mm 17.5 mm
Length of earth pin 19.8 mm 22.0 mm 22.0 mm
22.2 mm
Width of L, N and earth pins 6.3 mm  6.3 mm 7.9 mm 7.9 mm


CEI 23-50 10A socket
Uruguayan multi-plug for AU and IT type plugs classic Uruguayan earthed socket
classic Uruguayan earthed plug

classic Uruguayan earthed dual outlet plug
classic Uruguayan earthed dual outlet plug
logos of Alumbra, Steck, Cambre and Richi

9 Italian style - CEI 23-50 - socket rated at 10A-250, commonly used Uruguay. Complies with Uruguayan UNIT 821 norm.
Manufacturer: Bticino.
10 IRAM 2073 adapter for 10A Italian style and 10A angled pin plugs. Complies with IEC 60884-2-5 norm re. requirements for adapters. Manufacturer: Beta Iluminacion, Uruguay.   {PS}
11, 12
Classic Uruguayan socket and plug with angled power pins (IRAM 2071, 2073). The text on the socket - 10 AMP. 250 V. - and the orientation of outlets of adapter no. 13 suggest that the device has to be mounted in a 180 degrees rotated position (as comparable U.S. sockets). However, it seems that nowadays in Argentina and Uruguay sockets are preferably mounted in the shown orientation. The 'C' logo may refer to an unknown manufacturer.   {PS}
13, 14
Classic IRAM 2073 adapter with two IRAM 2071 outlets. Rating is not indicated. The internal connections between each of the power poles (see no. 14) indicate that formerly polarization was not an issue. The two outlets have an opposite polarization (if any). No name or logo of manufacturer.   {PS}
15 Logos of four companies that are active on the market of electrotechnical devices in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.
Alumbra S.A., Porto Alegre, Brazil;
Steck Industria Elétrica LTDA, Sao Pãulo, Brazil (part of Schneider Electric, Brasil), shown are a former and recent logo;
Cambre Division Electricidad, Buenos Airesa, Argentina;
Richi Electricidad, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Click the flag at right for an overview of plugs and sockets in Brazil.
Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil have some types in common. Argentinian electro- technical companies Cambre and Richi serve markets in each of the three countries.

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