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The museum is grateful to Jan de Bondy for providing data about Canadian electro-technical companies. Additional sources of information:
internet sites of companies and information given by Wikipedia.
'progress is fine' blogspots by Gerald van Wyngaarden (blogspot-links are added to company info).

Asterisks indicate companies that are represented in the museum collection; see Classic North American plugs and sockets page.


Amalgamated Electric Corp. logo

Amalgamated Electric Corporation Ltd (AEC). started in Toronto  production of plugs, sockets and switches in 1929. The company was acquired in 1955 by General Electric Co. of England in 1955. Later ownership was transferred to the Canadian General Electric Company. In 1982 CGE sold AEC to the Canadian company Federal Pioneer Electric Ltd. (originally named Pioneer Electric). In 1990 FPE became a wholly owned subsidiary of the French company Schneider.
See also blogspot.

Logo of Etlin-Daniels Company

Etlin-Daniels. In 1949 Henri B. Etlin founded 'HB Etlin" in North York, Ontario. Originally a metal stamping facility. In the mid 1990s, associates in Etlin-Daniels purchased Electrical Devices Inc.
The product range comprises light fixtures and components, and electrical and mechanical hardware, including power cords and adapters.
Logo of  CanadianGeneral Electric Corp.    General Electric logo
Canadian General Electric Company Ltd. (CGE). Company was the Canadian counterpart of the American-based General Electric. Both originated in 1892 from mergers of Edison Electric (Schenectady, New York / Hamilton, Ontario) and Thomson-Houston Co. (Lyn, Massachusetts / Montreal, Quebec). In 1989 CGE became a wholly-owned unit of General Electric (Boston,US) and renamed General Electric Canada.
The CGE logo was introduced in 1904 and replaced by GE logo in the early 1930s.

Hale Brothers Ltd. logo
Hale Brothers Ltd, Montreal, Quebec; trade name: Halebro. The Hale Brothers started manufacturing of Bakelite electrical accessories in the 1920s. The company was bought in 1953 by the U.S. company Leviton and renamed Leviton Manufacturing of Canada Ltd. Until the mid 1960s Canadian-made products were marked "H.B. Leviton". Montreal is no longer a production location, but serves as Leviton's Canadian head office. see also blogspot.
Logo of  Smith & Stone Ltd.
Smith & Stone Ltd. Founded in 1919 by William Smith and "Benny" Stone in Georgetown, Ontario. Manufacturers of electrical accessories. Started in 1923 their own porcelain production. and moved into thermoplastics in 1953.
In 1944 S&S became part of Duplate Canada, manufacturer of amalgamated products and safety glass. In 1988 S&S was sold to Hammond Manufacturing of Guelph, but Hammond put S&S in 1989 for sale. The company had to close down in 1992. See also blogspot.


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