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System used in Denmark, Faroe Islands and Greenland.
DS = Dansk Standard; Afsnit = Section.

Most material shown on this page has been made Lauritz Knudsen (LK).
Details about the company are given on the classic types page.
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Danish 107-2-D1 standard socket

Danish double earthed socket IP44 protected
Danish not earthed socket with switch

Danisg 107-2-D1 standard plug

Danish standard not earthed plugs

Danish 3-pole connector plug

Danish 2-pole connector plug

1 Danish standard domestic earthed socket, rated at 10A - 250V. Power slots have to be provided with safety shutters. Sockets without switch are allowed, if they have a cavity to prevent touching line pins of not fully inserted plugs. 
As of 1 July 2008, CEE 7/5 (French type) sockets are permitted in Denmark and from 15 November 2011 also Schuko sockets.
Manufacturer: Lauritz Knudsen.
2 Double, earthed socket that can be used under IP44 conditions. Manufacturer: possibly Harald Nyborg, Odense.   {PMR}
3 Not earthed, flush type socket with - mandatory - switch. The model shown dates back to the mid 1970s. Similar single and dual sockets are still available and can be found in many houses, but from 1990 earthed sockets are mandatory for new installations. Not earthed models are still available for replacement. Manufacturer: LK.   {PMR}
4 Danish standard plug rated at 13A - 250V. The earth pin which is 5 mm shorter than line and neutral pins, is a typical feature of Danish plugs (see inset). However, when a plug is inserted in a Danish earthed socket it is still the earth pin that makes contact first, because the socket earth clip is positioned 12 mm ahead of the line and neutral connectors. The advanced position of the earth contact is also visible in connector plug no. 6 (line and neutral connectors are positioned behind the shutters).
Manufacturer: Lauritz Knudsen.
Not earthed plugs, rated at 16A - 250V. Pin diameter is 4.8 mm*. Plug casts are 32.3 mm wide and fit in Schuko sockets. Indentations on both sides of the cast facilitate plugging into French earthed sockets (having an earth pin).
Most domestic plugs and sockets in Denmark are available in white, grey and black. Manufacturer: Lauritz Knudsen.   {PMR}
* see also note below.
6, 7
Earthed (no. 6) and non-earthed (no. 7) connector plugs. Note that the non-earthed version has a hole to accommodate an earth pin, but the plug does not offer an earth connection; a feature that might be confusing. Manufacturer: Lauritz Knudsen.


Earlier models of not earthed plug were rated at 10A - 250V. Pins had a diameter of 4.5 mm. They do not fit in Schuko sockets, because of its width of 34.5 mm. Schuko sockets can't accommodate plugs wider than 33 mm. Older models are just flat enough to fit in French earthed sockets. Classic 2-pin plugs were rated at 6A and had 4.0 mm pins (see page on classic Danish material).

Danish red-green plugs for outdoor use
Danish 2-pole multiplug  

8 Danish green or red-green plugs are resistant to rough, outdoor conditions. 'a' and 'b' are made of a strong type of plastic, 'c' has a rubber housing. Connector 'b' is no longer in production. Safety shutters are not required for sockets and connectors meant for outdoor use, because shutters might get stuck if it is freezing.
Manufacturers: 'a', 'b': Lauritz Knudsen {
PMR};  'c': unknown, possibly Kalthoff, Germany {SPE}
9 Non-earthed 2-way multi-plug. Because of their shape and dimensions it is not possible to insert this model into a CEE 7-3 (Schuko) or CEE 7-5 (French) socket. Manufacturer: Lauritz Knudsen.


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