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Danish EDB socket Danish EDB plug Danish hospital plug Danish hospital plug

1, 2 Socket and plug (type DK 2-5a), used for equipment which is especially sensitive to power spikes and surges (computers etc.). The label EDB stands for Elektronisk Databehandling (electronic data handling). EDB sockets are connected to a safe power system, independent of the standard power supply. Socket is rated at 10A-250V, the plug at 13A - 250V.
EDB plugs can be used in standard sockets, but EDB sockets do not accept standard plugs. Manufacturer: Lauritz Knudsen.
3, 4 Socket and plug (type DK 2-8a) that is exclusively used for hospital equipment. The socket is wired to a local circuit that is connected to system that in case of a power blackout automatically switches to a backup power source. The socket is rated at 10A - 250V, the plug at 16A 250V. Manufacturer: Lauritz Knudsen.
Hospital sockets does not accept standard plugs, but hospital plugs can be used in standard sockets.
Image nos. 9 - 11 shows two older models of hospital sockets.


Danish ceiling lock socket Danish ceiling lock plugs Danish ceiling lock socket with plug Danish ceiling lock with lamp

5 10A twist lock socket (no. 3). Twist lock sockets are in particular meant for mounting on a ceiling (see nos. 7 and 8). The socket is rated at 5 kg, the maximum. weight of a lamp. Manufacturer of socket and plugs: Lauritz Knudsen.
6 Twist lock plugs rated at 10A and 5 kg, respectively with and without earth pin.
7, 8 Application of a twist lock socket (round model) and three pole plug in combination with a Schuko socket (no. 7).
Image no. 8 shows the same 3-pole socket but now used with a 2-pole plug and lamp.
In France and Norway DCL-type of lamp sockets and plugs are used. Sweden and Finland have a different type of lamppropp.


Danish adapter for CEE 7-7 plugs
Danish adapter for CEE 7-7 plugs, detail
Danish adapter for CEE 7-5 plugs

9a, 9b
Adapter with Danish pin configuration, for CEE 7/7 plugs. Rating: 13A - 250V. Image no. 9b shows that contacts have barbs (green arrows). After insertion of a plug it is nearly impossible to retract the plug. Adapter does not accept CEE 7/4 (Schuko) and CEE 7/6 (French) plugs. The model has been replaced by adapter no. 10.
Manufacturer: LK.   {PMR}
10 Adapter with Danish pin configuration, for CEE 7/6 (French) and CEE 7/7 (hybrid) plugs. Not suitable for CEE 7-4 plugs. Rating: 16A - 250V. Instead of barbs (as no. 9), contacts have safety shutters.
Use of this type of adapter was permitted from July 2008, when CEE 7/5-6 was introduced in Denmark.
However, by far the most Danish homes have standard Danish DS-107-2-D1 sockets. Therefore an adapter is often needed when a foreign appliance with CEE 7/7 plug has to be installed. Manufacturer: LK.   {PMR}


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