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Special type of plugs for connection of ceiling lamps. They are more safe and convenient than free wires and simple plastic terminal connectors.
Four types of ceiling lamp sockets and plugs are used in six counties.

France and Norway
Sweden and Finland Denmark Great Britain
FR: images 1 - 9
NO: images 11, 12
images 13 - 23 images 24 - 30 images 31 - 34


FranceDispositifs de Connextion Luminaires (DCL), also used in Norway.

DCL sockets and plugs comply with IEC 61955 standard. The use of these devices in new and renovated homes in France became mandatory in 2001
(Norme Française NF C 15-100). Identical DCL lamp sockets and plugs are used in Norway; compulsory in 2019 (images 11 and 12). From 2019 also Finland allows the use of DCL types, additional to the Swedish type of lamp plugs (shown below).

French DCL lamp socket French DCL lamp plug
French DCL lamp plug
French DCL lamp plug
French DCL lamp socket French DCL lamp holder
French DCL lamp holder
French DCL lamp holder with lamp

1, 5
DCL type lamp socket for ceiling mounting. Rated at 6A - 250V. Image no. 5 shows the same socket with hook and plug (image nos 2 - 4 show plug in detail). When mounting material that is provided with a ceiling conduit box (not shown) is properly used lamps with a weight up to 25 kg can be used. Pin contacts are deeply recessed (24.5 mm). All lamp sockets have a lamp symbol (see no. 5, bottom left).
Each of the devices shown in image nos. 1 - 10 are made by Legrand, France.
2 - 4
DCL type lamp plug, rated at 6A - 250V. Dimensions: width = 30.2 mm and height = 24.2 mm + length of pins. Pins have a length of 7 mm (L and N) or 8 mm (earth) and are 2.8 mm wide and 0.8 mm thick. Plug fixation in the recessed outlet is ensured by a clip.
To fix wires to a plug two small side clips have to be lifted simultaneously, a quite difficult procedure. Plugs made by other manufacturers, for example Elko in Norway, use a screw to fit together the two plug parts; see image no. 12.
6 - 8
DCL type lamp socket composed of a 27 mm Edison screw lamp holder and an integrated, unearthed DCL plug. See also no. 10.

French DCL lamp socket French DCL lamp holder with plug
ELKO DCL type lamp socket
ELKO DCL type lamp plug

9 DCL type socket for wall mounting. Because it has no hook the recessed plug contacts have a central position. Other specifications are identical to models for ceiling mounting (see nos. 1 and 5).
10 DCL type lamp sockets are primarily meant for first use in new, yet unfurnished rooms. It is likely that finally the lamp socket will be replaced by a more attractive type of illumination. Therefore lamp holders come with a separate plug clipped to the side (see image). The lamp holder is for initial use; finally it can be replaced by the DCL type socket.
11 View of the usually hidden side of a DCL type lamp socket. Brand name: Elko AS, Oslo, Norway.
The visible side of the socket is essentially comparable to image no. 5.

12 DCL plug made by Elko. The upper and lower half of the housing are joined by a screw. Compare with the Legrand plug no. 4.


SwedenLamppropps and Lamputtags,  also used in Finland (valaisinpistotulppa, valaisinripustuskansi)

Lamp sockets and plugs shown below comply with Svensk Elstandard SS 428 08 31-3ed. T1: 1997 and Finland's standard SFS 5799: 1995.

Swedish lamp socket, ceiling model, earthed Swedish lamp socket, ceiling model, unearthed
Swedish lamp socket, wall model, earthed
Swedish lamp socket, wall model, unearthed

Swedish lamp plug, earthed Swedish lamp plug, unearthed
Swedish earthed and unearthed lamp plug
Swedish lamp connector plug

13, 14
Lamp sockets for ceiling mounting. Two variants exist: earthed (no. 13) and non-earthed (no. 14). A socket pin serves as earth connection, a system that is also found on French (CEE 7/5) sockets.  Dimension of earth pin: 13.5 mm long, 4.5 mm diameter. Find additional information about dimensions. The maximun tolerated weight of a lamp is 15 kg.
Each of the lamp plugs and sockets is rated at 6A-250V.
Brand name: Etmán, a Chinese manufacturer that, among others, focuses on the northern European market.
15, 16 Wall sockets for standing and table lamps. Brand name: Malmbergs Elektriska AB, Kumla, Sweden.
17, 18 Not rewirable earthed and non-earthed plugs with a ca. 12 cm cord, especially made to connect ceiling socket/plug and lamp fitting. Brand name: Malmbergs Elektriska AB.
19 Rewirable earthed and non-earthed, male plugs. Rating: 6A-250V. Because of the not fully round plug housing and the recessed sockets (applies to ceiling and wall type, and female connector plug no. 20), not only earthed plug are polarized, but non-earthed pugs too. Brand name: Etmán.
20 Connector plug that can be used for an extension cord (Lampsladd) to connect a standing or table lamp to a wall type lamp socket. Also 3-way multi-lamp plugs exist. Brand name: AB Dirak, in 2014 merged with Ed-Wa Plast AB, Värnamo, Sweden.

Swedish lamp plug, special type
Swedish lamp connector plug, special type
Comparison of Schuko and Swedish lamp plug

21 - 22 Special type of lamp plug (no. 21) and matching connector (no. 22). Corresponding lamp sockets for ceiling or wall mounting exist also. It is a non-earthed type with two line poles, that can be used for lamps that have two, separately wired, (sets of) bulbs, or combination of lamp and fan, etc. Brand names: Ensto*, Finland (plug) and Eljo**, Sweden (connector).
*  Lighting devision of Ensto Building  Systems, from 2021 part of Legrand.
** Eljo AB was taken over by Schneider Electric; from 2009 brand name Eljo is no longer used.
23 Comparison of Schuko and Swedish lamp plug.

Schuko: plug diameter = 36.6 mm; pin length = 18.8 mm   pin diameter = 4.8 mm; rating: 16A - 250V
Lamppropp: diameter = 26.6 mm; pin length (L, N) = 11 mm,  pin diameter = 4.5 mm; rating: 6A - 250V

Swedish lamp plugs and sockets have an S (Semko) certification mark.



Danish company Lauritz Knudsen offers Lampestikkontakter (lamp socket) and Lampestikprop (lamp plug) that are characterized by a twist lock system.

Danish lamp socket made by LK
Danish lamp socket made by LK Lamp plugs made by LK
LK ceiling lamp socket, plug and lamp

Classic Danish lamp socket made by N.E.S.
Classic lamp plug made by LK-NES
Classic Danish lamp socket and plug made by LK-NES

24 - 25 10A Twist lock socket. Both rectangular and round type sockets are meant for ceiling mounting. The twist lock system accepts a lamp weight of max. 5 kg. Twist lock sockets without earth connection do not exist.
26 10A Twist lock plugs with (top) and without (bottom) earth pin. Although Line, and Neutral are indicated on both types of plugs, not earthed plugs are not polarized (plug can be inserted correctly, but also in a 180° rotated position).
27 Application of a twist lock socket (round model), two pole plug and lamp (once a low energy type).
28 - 30
Classic model lamp socket [28], rated at 6A - 250/380V, and matching two pin (250V) plug [29]. Plug pins have holes that minimize the risk of an untimely breaking off when the plug is in upside down position (see image 30).
Maximum tolerated lamp weight is not indicated, but the large metal hook suggests more than the usual 5 kg.
Manufacturers: socket, NES (Nordisk Elektricitets Selskab) and plug,Lauritz Knudsen. Given the fact that LK and NES merged in 1968 it is likely that lamp socket and plug can be dated as a 1960s model. {PMR}


Great Britain

Hager Engineering Ltd. has developed the Klik lighting connection system. There are three variants: Klik 3, Klik 4 and Klik 7.
Klik 3 - shown below - is the basic lighting system. Although  designed for (small) offices, it can also be used for domestic lighting.
Klik 4 has an additional connection, normally a permanent live for emergency lighting.
Klik 7 is a scalable system that offers all essential elements of controllable lighting solutions. See Hager Klik catalog for details.

British lamp socket made by Hager, type Klik
British lamp plug made by Hager, type Klik
British lamp plugmade by Hager, top view
British lamp plug made by Hager, ceiling view

31 Klik 3 lamp socket, rated at 6A - 250V. Complies with BS 5733:1995 (General requirements for electrical accessories) and
BS 6972:1988 (General requirements for luminaire supporting couplers for domestic, light industrial and commercial use.
32 - 33 Klik 3 lamp plugs, rated at 6A - 250V. Complies with same standards as socket no. 31. Lamp weight restriction is not indicated.
34 Ceiling view of Klik 3 socket, plug and lamp fitting. If desired a ceiling rose cover is available.


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