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In some countries you may find sockets that either deviate from the commonly used standard type, or are fully different. Such alternative plugs and sockets, can be used for various reasons, for example:

(i)   local networks meant for electronic or medical equipment that have to be protected against voltage spikes or power outage;
(ii)  circuits that offer a different voltage, frequency or DC rather than AC;
(iii) outlets for equipment that do not tolerate changing line and neutral (a possibility when using Schuko or Italian type plugs);
(iv) connectors designed for special spaces (raised floors etc.).
(v)  sockets and plugs to connect ceiling lamps.
(vi) examples of Extra Low Voltage plugs / sockets.


Argentina flag
Polarized Schuko plug and socket.
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Polarized Schuko

Australia, flagNew Zealand flag Australia and New Zealand
Three variant AS/NZ 3112 types, and special plugs and sockets designed for clocks.

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Non-standard type I (1) Non-standard type I (2) Australian 110V socket, small
Clipsal clock plug
Czech Republic, flag
Slovakia, flag
Czech Republic and Slovakia
Six special types of plugs and sockets for 110 Volt DC and AC, 220 Volt DC, 400 Volt 3-phase and 48 Volt.
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Czech CSN 35 4517 type C1 socket

Denmark flag Denmark
Special types of plugs and sockets for electronic equipent and for hospital use.

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Danish EDB socket, small Danish hospital socket, small

Germany flag Germany
Polarized alternatives; respectively: HNA and Terko sockets, connector for cable ducts and concentric plug.

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HNA socket, small Terko socket, small Quick connector Concentric plug, detail
UK flag Great Britain
Two variant BS 1363 types, a special plug and socket for clocks and EPOS key plug.

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UK, non-standard type G (1) UK, non-standard type G (2) UK, non-standard type G (3) EPOS plug, small
Italy flag Italy
Bticino series of polarized plugs and sockets, designed as alternative to
CEI 23-50.

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Italian irreversible socket (1)

Liechtenstein flag
Neutrik PowerCON lockable appliance connectors that guarantee a safe connection under rugged conditions.

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Neutrik PowerCONN, small

Flag of Poland
Italian flag
Poland and Italy
Three Polish variant CEE 7/5 - 7/6 plugs and sockets, and one variant produced in Italy.

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Non-standard typ E socket, small (1) Non-standard typ E socket, small (2) Non-standard typ E socket, small (3) Vimar special type E
South Africa flag
South Africa
SANS 164-2-1 and 164-4 are series of dedicated plugs and sockets for special purposes.
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SANS 164-4 dedicated socket
South African dedicated SANS 164-2-1 sockets

Socket and plug for ceiling lamps
Ceiling lamps
Various types of sockets and plugs
have been designed to connect and
remove ceiling lamps in a convenient
and safe way.
The museum has four examples used
in six countries. They are shown on a special ceiling lamp page.
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Denmark flag


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France flag

France  Norway

Norway flag
Sweden flag

Sweden  Finland

Finland flag
UK flag

Great Britain

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Disply of ELV characteristics
Extra Low Voltage
Although the collection focusses on devices for 100 Volt AC and above, a few "look-alike" ELV examples are shown on various pages.

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Clipsal Extra Low Voltage plug
Czech extra low voltage plug
Czech Republic
Legrand Extra Low Voltage plug
Russian Extra Low Voltage plug
Russian Federation

Berger Extra Low Voltage plug

Request for help

There are definitely more countries in which non-standard or alternative plugs and sockets are on offer. Any information about such material is highly appreciated. Please contact me; see  home page  for the address.


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