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In Norway electricity, rather than gas, is commonly used for cookers and stoves (komfyr), as well as heating water. 25A - 230V flat pin stove plugs and sockets can be found in nearly each home.
25A plugs are 'downsized' to 16A Schuko (CEE 7/4) when induction cooktops are installed.

CEE 60309 is the common standard for industrial applications, but older types of three-phase plugs with four of five flat pins are still available for repair.


Norwegian 25A 230V stove socket
Norwegian 25A 380V stove plug
Polish 25A plug
Spanish 25A plug

Classic Norwegian 25A 500V 3-phase socket
Classic Norwegian 25A 3-phase flat pin plug
Nos 3 and 4 are not part
of museum coillection.

1 Single phase 25A - 230V 'stove' socket. Manufacturer: Egant, trade name of Etman International ASA, a Norwegian holding company with subsidiaries in China, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Electrical accessories are made by Etman Electric Co, Ltd in Changzhou (PCR).
2 Flat blade plug rated at 25A - 380V. Blade sizes: 9.0 mm wide; 3.3 mm thick; blade lengths: 26.7 mm (L, N) / 28.7 mm (earth). Blade spacing: 12.8 mm.
Manufacturer: AS Elektrokontakt (ELKO) in Oslo   {JS}
Essentially identical 25A flat pin plugs are also used in Sweden and Spain and (formerly ?) in Poland.
3, 4
Older three-phase socket for 25A - 380-500V flat blade plugs. The shown example does not have a Neutral connection, but 3-phase + N + protective earth versions exist also. R. S and T are older designations for respectively L1, L2 and L3.
In addition to 25A, comparable but larger sockets and plugs are available for 40A and 80A.
Image sources:
• image no. 3 shows an older Motorstikk FKN 325 made by the Norwegian company Philip Hauge*.
• image no. 4, top: front plate of flatstift FKP 35/3E shown in
• image no. 4 bottom: four pin front plate INNS.FPN 325 made by Philip Hauge.
See Philip Hauge website for information about current flat pin and round pin material for industrial applications.


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