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The overview below links to pages that show plugs,and sockets, that are developped as alternatives to standard(s) in the given country. These alternatives are already for many years out of production. Some can be found occasionally, others are virtually extinct.
Outdated versions of current standard plugs can be found via pages of standard plugs that are shown around the world map (clich map icon top right).


UK flag Great Britain (1)
Wylex and Dorman & Smith (D&S) plugs and sockets that have been developed as an alternative to BS 1363.
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Wylex plug, small
< Wylex     D&S >
Dorman & Smith plug. small
UK flag
Great Britain (2)
Non-standard plugs for special applications, made by
Walsall and Britmac
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Walsallnon-standard plug
< Walsall            

             Britmac >
 Britmac non-standard plug
UK flag
Great Britain (3)
Non-standard 13A plug with three flat blades. Alternative to commonly used MK-type plugs.

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Non-standard 13A Britmac plug
< Britmac
UK flag Great Britain (4)
Fitall plug for BS 546 and BS 1363 sockets.
Crater adaptable 2A, 5A and 15A round pin plugs.
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Fitall plug, small
< Fitall     Crater >
Craterplug. small
UK flag Great Britain (5)
Bayonet lamp fittings are still in use, but plugs that fit in B22d lighting socket are rarely used anymore.
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Bayonet plug

Greek flag Greece
Before introduction of CEE 7/3-7/4 (Schuko) in 1989 Greece had at least two types of earthed plugs. The type with three pins arranged in a triangle is shown right.
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Greek Tripoliki plug, small


There is a grey zone between Phased out, Unusual and Non-Standard.
If you are looking for a particular plug or socket it may help to check also the uncommon page.


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